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Managing the Impact of Multiple Stressors in Saginaw Bay

CSCOR is supporting a 5 year study by the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory and several other partner agencies and institutions in that region, to understand the effects of multiple stressors on Saginaw Bay in Lake Huron. Declining water levels, invasive species, too much algae, and toxic substances are some of the stressors facing Saginaw Bay today, so much so that it has been declared an official Area Of Concern. Research will be conducted in the field and the laboratory to study how these stressors interact to influence Saginaw Bay's fisheries and water quality. The goal of this research is to help identify management actions that will improve the health of the Bay and restore the ecosystem services that are important to the population of that area.  The results of this study will not only directly benefit the management of Saginaw Bay and the Great Lakes, but will also serve as a blueprint for the improved management and understanding of other coastal systems facing similar stressors and management issues.